Saturday, March 26, 2005

Cadbury World

I took Mary's mom and dad to Cadbury World today. They had a good time and brought back mucho chocolato. I had to work on my sermon for Easter tomorrow and Mary and Helen were still ill. For supper we had a delightful meal at a nearby pan-Asian/Indian restaurant oddly named "Martin's Place". One of the owners was our waiter, and when he deduced that Dr. Robinson was an MD he was sure to get plenty of free medical advice. He got some advice on high-protein foods from Mary, too. I sat and smiled. He did give us some free coffee and offered to personally deliver food to our home sometime if we just call and place an order.

This reminds me that I forgot to post about our delectable dinner on Wednesday night only a few blocks from our house. I took the in-laws to Casa Italia for the best outside-of-Italy Italian food I've ever had. Props to my friend Lewis for the suggesting it.

Our preacher just called up and reminded me that "daylight savings time" begins tonight. I wasn't aware that they had such a thing over here and, further, I wouldn't have anticipated it a week before our American one. We'll see if the change affects church attendance.


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