Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What's Up

Its been too long since I last posted. I need to provide updates to the folks in Moulton on my parents and their visit thus far.

On Sunday after church we all went to our house and ate chili which Mary had made. We pretty much hung out around the house for the rest of the day to let Helen rest.

On Monday morning, mom and dad took the bus to Cadbury World all by themselves. Tell them you are proud of them when we see them.

On Monday afternoon, mom and dad stayed home with Helen while Mary and I went to see the movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (£3.95 each). Something rather unique happened at the theater (Brits should read 'cinema') -- we were the only ones in the movie for the entire time. Because I snuck (or is it 'sneaked'?) in my own generic 19p cola (conveniently poured into a 500ml Pepsi bottle), the entire venture was pretty cheap. BTW, I'd recommend the movie to anyone familiar with the book. Of course, it would be impossible to put all of the THGTG in one 2-hour movie, but this was an admirable attempt. It also included a nice mix of British and American actors. But we were never told why the leading actress who played Trillian was American. Ford Prefect was supposed to be a foreigner. The fact that Zaphod Beeblebrox had a quasi-Texas accent was appropriate.

We stopped by KFC on the way home -- mom doesn't like too much adventure when she eats. And the Colonel cooks it over here the same way as back home... but without the biscuits.

On Tuesday morning I dropped mom and dad off at the train station and they departed from Edinburgh, Scotland. I talked to them in the afternoon and they had arrived alright but were still walking around looking for their hotel. Let's hope they didn't have to sleep under a bridge. They will return to Birmingham on Thursday night.

I've done alot of research lately and am hopefully coming to some insightful ideas.

Mary and I plan to go to London on Friday morning and return that evening. Mom and dad will enjoy an entire day with Helen, and she will revel in their undivided attention!

Since I don't get to brag about stuff like this much -- Alabama's unemployment rate is now 4.7%. It is better than almost all of its neighbors: Georgia is at 5%, Lousiana is 5.3%, Tennessee is 5.9% and Mississippi is 7.0%. Florida is ahead at 4.4%. Unemployment in the UK is currently 4.8%.