Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I got one

I was able to get a flu shot today at the LC Health Department (for free). Normally a healthy 30 year-old would be disqualified, but the presence of our pre-6 month old puts me in the "high-risk" category.

I will be updating my research page tonight, with reviews of Goldingay's "Models for Interpretation of Scripture," and an article by Schnabel on
“History, Theology and the Biblical Canon".

Hip Hip Hooray!

My good friend finally got my Yahoo mail problem solved. It turns out that the MTU setting in the DSL router had to be changed. Of course, that makes as much sense to me as this sentence: "Whenever you go down in Holcombe, spot is on the brigand."

Just read an interesting article in the best global market magazine available, the Economist (aside for the occasional flub in political endorsements) about the "Anglo-ness" of America. They never state their article authors, which perturbs me. But anyway, they mention Albion's Seed, the best book on the subject of how Britain birthed modern America. They further describe the part of America that I know well:

James Webb claims that the Scots-Irish (who moved from the Appalachian
hinterland across the South and the mid-west and now, he reckons, number about
30m) are a big part of Mr Bush's supporters. They have never shied away from
using force to solve problems (Mr Webb was a tough marine in Vietnam and his
book is called “Born Fighting”). They are passionately keen on religion,
fiercely hostile to the state (particularly when it tries to take away their
guns) and instinctively loathe self-appointed “elites”, not least of the
Frenchified variety.

More about the Scots-Irish influence in my neck of the woods later.

Monday, November 15, 2004

home with Helen

I'm home with my little girl today, and grabbing a few minutes to blog as she sleeps. I don't know how single parents do it!

Came across an informative page called for my research today. Much of it is apologetic in nature, but there are some excellent articles. This article by D.A. Carson entitled "Must I Learn How to Interpret the Bible?" will definitely be a handout in my hermeneutics class.

Plan to run to the curved bridge and back, about 5.7 miles (and one enormous hill!).