Wednesday, January 12, 2005

At last!

I awoke very early this morning. I walked about 2 miles to a train station (and later learned I lived closer to another) and rode the train to the airport to await my crew. Their plane landed on time, and within 30 minutes I was loving on my little one and hugging my wife! I was lost without them. We (Mary, Helen, Mary's mom, and I) crammed into a taxi and took the 25 minute or so ride back to our house. After a little over an hour of unpacking and settling, we ate some sandwiches. The 3 girls couldn't help but fall asleep, and I, after little nap, snuck over here to the University to take care of some class stuff for tomorrow and some emailing. Our little house will start to feel like a home tonight.

I teach Hermeneutics in the morning. Thankfully, tomorrow will mostly serve to set the stage for the term. I'm also looking a potential part-time (6-10 per week) job. I will make a little money as an instructor, but not enough to pay the bills. With a little extra income, we could avoid dipping further into savings. Let's hope...

One more thing: For some reason, my posts have shown to be 8 hours and 10 minutes earlier than when I post them. So, beginning with this one, I will try to have the correct UK posting time.


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