Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Lord's Day

It was nice to meet with the church today. It actually took way too long to get there and we were way too late, but you live and learn. We walked about a mile to catch a train, which connected to another train, which took us a station where we had to walk another 1/2 mile or so to get to church.... 2 hours in total to get there. With some helpful advice from a sister at church... 30 minutes on 2 buses with no walking to get home. But now we know! Helen took it all in stride and complained very little... less than we adults did.

Church was interesting.... we were quite late. But we did get a chance to meet a few of the memebers there, and one might be able to give us a ride on Sunday.

I left off my last post mentioning I was going to Wolverhampton, a town about 15 miles north of here. I took a train there. Decided to take a cab to the home of the person with the B&W TV for sale. The cabby recognized me for a rookie, took the long way (£7.80), and told me I would have to pay £5 extra just to bring the TV in the cab. The lady at the house told me he was being "cheeky", so we told him to go on and she called another cab. He charged me £4 to get back to the train station and no £5 fee. And, yes, the TV works and only cost £10. And in black and white everything looks nostalgiac.

Now we get 4 1/2 BBC channels. I'd heard that there were 6, but can't find the other. Last night we caught part of Law & Order and then some CSI. They show an American movie on channel 4 almost every night. And they do not edit out any of the language.... I mean any. And this is "regular" TV. But its nice to have for those times we want to take it easy.


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