Monday, February 07, 2005


It would be a new record for me... on cheapness. Let the record show that the least I have ever paid for a vehicle is $500 - a 1991 Mazda B22 truckfrom TAC enterprises with 170k miles and no air, radio, comfort, etc. It was a great help when we moved our stuff into storage. Its at the in-laws right now adding to the decor (but runs well). BUT...

I'm looking at a road-legal Fiat Panda for sale for £180, abouyt $350 or so. It supposedly gets about 40 miles to the American gallon (50 British!) and runs fine. I've seen it from the outside, and while its no show car, it is in good shape. And if it runs alright it will be ours. Then we drive to church in 10 minutes instead of riding in a bus for in an hour and we can take our guests to various places here for the prices of gas (as opposed to buying bus and train tickets for everyone). I'm going to try to drive it this afternoon and will report back...

Some of my students are coming over for a visit soon... actually to play various musical instruments for my family's listening pleasure. Get this, one of them plays the banjo... bluegrass style! I can't wait.

And, yes, the Super Bowl did come on here. And yes, Mary and I watched it. And yes, it was over at about 3:20 am. And yes, I had to teach class at 9:00 am. And yes, I sleep-taught (or is it slept-taught?).


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