Tuesday, January 25, 2005


For some reason, yesterday's post appeared 4 times in my blog. Capes pointed it out, and I deleted the other 3. I hope this doesn't become a problem.

We still haven't received our debit cards. Sigh. More waiting for the internet at home. Sigh.

I was happy to learn (as those from County will be) that the expression where one states a day of the week followed by the word "week" is still alive and well here. For example: Today John Hull told me to put something in his appointment book on Friday week. I stopped him and made sure I understood. I did. My heart was warmed because his was and is the convention in Lawrence County and pretty much all over the rural south. I'm not sure about other places. Its so much better than "next Friday" because that phrase can be ambiguous. So long live "(Insert Day Here) Week"!

I was also excited to find out that the absolute cheapest cola in the world, found at Safeway's in the UK, is diet, i.e. no calories. Those who know me well know that I drink lots of diet "cokes" (lower-case "c"). Its the Bettabuy brand at Safeway, and it costs 19 pence for 2 liters (The Brits say 19p for 2 litres). Even with the skewed exhange rate, that's about 35 cents for a 2 liter. Its not the best tasting but that never stopped me before. The big supermarket here, Sainsbury's also has a 19p cola which I have yet to try.


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