Sunday, January 23, 2005

I got better

I am getting back into the swing or regularly blogging. Just got back from church. This time it was 1 hour to get there, 1 hour to get back. We have to change buses once, but probably almost half that time is spent waiting for buses. But anything is better than last week's 2 hour marathon getting there. In other news:

It turns out that Tim. B is both a Brit and a Kiwi (and a welcome reader, of course). He might have to set me straight on a few things.

I was excited to find out that I will actually be able to watch at least one of the NFL playoff games from today. It scheduled to come on here after midnight on Tuesday (which is, technically, Wednesday), but I don't know if it will be the NFC or AFC championship. I am planning to stay up.

Having mentioned the word "schedule", its interesting to note that I've heard alot of Brits say it like "shedule", whereas us yanks prefer "skedule". My gut feeling is that THEY are saying it wrong. Of course, the German word for English is Englisch and its sounds pretty much like English. I think that the Brits (at least the ones I've heard) are at least inconsistent because they don't pronounce the word scheme as "sheme", but like we do -- "skeme". A quick check at confirms 2 things. 1) The Brits do say "shedule" and 2) the word originally come from the Greek "skidha". Here's what it says:

Meaning from Merriam Webster - sched·ule - Pronunciation: 'ske-jül especially British 'she-dyül Function: noun1 a : a list or statement of supplementary details appended to another document b : a formal list, table, catalog, or inventory2 : a plan that indicates the time and sequence of each element —schedule transitive verb

Etymology from American Heritage - [Middle English sedule, slip of parchment or paper, note, from Old French cedule, from Late Latin schedula, diminutive of scheda, variant of Latin scida, papyrus strip, from Greek skhida, skhed; perhaps akin to skhizein, to split. See schizo-.]

See for yourself.

I also suprise myself by the small amount of attention I've given the inauguration. I didn't see it on TV though it was on over here. I was at work. It amazes me that I spent so much mental energy anguishing over the election and now I barely even keep up with American politics. Probably a good thing.


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