Saturday, February 26, 2005

To Stratford... almost

As I blogged yesterday, I surprised Mary this morning by suggesting that we go to Stratford-Upon-Avon. We debated whether to drive the roughly 60 mile roundtrip or to take the train. We decided to drive to the Snow Hill train station and park the car and take the train. I used the internet to find out what time the train left for Stratford. We drove to the station and parked without much trouble. We arrived with about 8 minutes to spare, or so I thought. The train left at 11:27 and I thought it was going to be 11:37. The next one wasn't arriving for another hour. Not loving thought of waiting for an hour with a baby in tow, we decided just to look around and shop in the city center. Its nice, and busy like you'd expect in a major city. We spent a couple of hours walking and window-shopping, grabbed a bite to eat, and came back home. Not the historical day we'd planned, but fun nonetheless. And, though it is raining, it has not snowed today. There is alot in the forecast. Tuesday looks like a potential day for real accumulation.


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