Sunday, February 13, 2005

Dissed Again

We weren't invited to the wedding of Charles and Camilla. But I object to royalty marrying anyone from the average citizenry anyway!

Well, we were able to go to church (3 miles), preacher's house (10 miles there, 10 back), home church, abd back home (3 miles)... all in 2nd gear. Our top speed was 35mph, but that was coasting downhill. When we hit a clear road we did hold 30, though. The preacher, Mike, called out there equivalent of AAA (they call it AA, but are they dropping the "American" or the "Association"), who fiddled with the car for a minute and decided something was wrong in the gearbox... go figure... and he couldn't fix it. But at least we know.

We leave for Italy tomorrow, which will most likely mean no blogging for a few days. I'm sure I can squeeze in 1 or 2 before then. I'm doubting that the folks we are staying with have internet access at their house. Not that they aren't sophisticated. He's an Italian who speaks 3 languages, she's an American who speaks 3 (4 if you coun't Texan). I intend to 1) eat real pizza, 2) eat real spaghetti, 3) eat real italian sausage, 4) eat a member of the mafia.


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