Monday, February 14, 2005

It will leave a scar

I've held off blogging on my bicycle accident that I had last Friday evening. It was dark, I was leaving Dr. Hull's office... about 1/4 mile out. I crossed an intersection/roundabout and went for the sidewalk. It was a 2-tiered sidewalk, with the first tier being a short cobblestone protrusion, presumably for pedestrians to stand on and watch for cars. The second tier, about 3 inches higher, was the normal sidewalk. I hopped the first tier fine. I was approaching the second at about a 30 degree angle... bad angle... because my front tire popped up on it just fine. The back tire, however, preferred to skim down the side of the other edge. This resulted in the bike pitching left, hard, and slamming me into a brick wall. Actually, I just slid down the wall. Actually, my left forearm just slid down the brick wall. It happened so fast it didn't even hurt... for about 10 minutes. Then the pain of having a layer of skin scraped off started setting in. It has taken until today to "dry up" enough for me to let clothing touch it. So, without further ado... here it is. So sob for me.

I ran 7.6 miles today... the most since I've been here. Trying to get ready for a half-marathon in Milton Keynes in March. Now off to Italy...


At 1:20 PM, Blogger Mommy of Boys said...

Uh, gross!

I want to see pictures of the baby not of you, Scabs! (I mean Toby!)

At 7:12 AM, Blogger Mommy of Boys said...

Off the subject --

Isn't Mary's birthday coming soon?



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