Monday, April 25, 2005

The early anglophile in me

As I sat reading from Origen's First Principles, I noticed that one of the new Dr. Who episodes was on BBC 1 tonight. I was immediately whisked back to my early teenage years when I used to watch Dr. Who on PBS. Though I'd never thought about it before, I was a big fan of two pieces of great British television production before I could drive: Dr. Who and Dangermouse. I didn't actually know much about Monty Python until college (but I can tell you exactly what the Knights Who Say "Ni" changed their name to).

I can't describe all of the intricacies of Dr. Who here, so read this if you are interested. The episodes I am familiar with had Tom Baker as the Doctor. PBS has for a long time been wont to air British programs -- they still show "The Vicar of Dibley" and some others.

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Dangermouse came on daily on Nicolodeon during much of my teens, and I still find myself exclaiming from time to time, "Oh Crumbs!". And it was from this cartoon that I learned two important facts: 1) The Thames River is pronounced "Tims", 2) the older telephone booths (I think they call them boxes here, but I'm not sure) are red and look like this. Sadly, I haven't seen any DM on any of the 5 channels we get, though I have seen plenty of red phone boxes. BTW, Dangermouse is now why London is important. And I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to use this line.

So, here I was, a lover of British character before I knew anything about the Mother Country.

On to less important things... because there are no classes offered this term, I'll be spending many hours in the library on my research... 4-5 per weekday is my goal. Someone has tried to explain to me the reasoning behind the lack of classes in summer term, but I have yet to grasp exactly why. I'll have more to say on the comparison on British and American education later.


At 8:16 AM, Blogger Jon said...

Tom Baker was the first Dr. Who that I remember as well (and therefore will always be the 'proper' one). Disgracefully I have only seen two episodes of the new series, but Christopher Eccleston is pretty good. Oh, and the original Dr. Who theme tune is the best TV theme tune ever, bar none.
Dangermouse is also a classic! The voice of Dangermouse was provided by David Jason, who played Del boy in only fools and horses, one of our best loved sitcoms.
And it's Tems not TIms, ok? :)


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