Friday, February 11, 2005


Now that I have my insurance and paid my car tax (£60 for 6 months) I am street legal, so I took the car out for a little spin today. It is a little rough on the startup, but fine otherwise. And now it has £11 worth of gas in it (about 4 U.S. gallons), which should last until Mary's parents get here in late March.

Our broadband internet modem should arrive today and hopefully we'll be online very soon. That will mean that I will stop blogging about that problem and get back to more of my experiences over here with the language, people, etc.. I'll post pics of the car when I can.

Yesterday the dept of theology at the Uni of B'ham had our once-a-term seminar. I was able to make most of it after I taught my hermeneutics class. After an interesting presentation by Helen Ingram and some helpful pointers by Mark Goodacre on using Unicode Greek font, I introduced myself to faculty and students and quickly reviewed my research. Incidentally, there were 2 other Americans there(Maryland and Minnesota), one of whom I had already met. We spent a little time comaplining about the high prices and small milk containers in England.

And let me give a shout out to Capes and Tim B. for further comments. I appreciate each and every comment.


At 5:47 AM, Blogger Opie (Derek) Sanderson said...

While you're still on the subject of the car, what is the rule on child car seats? I assume that an American car seat doesn't fit in a British car, or does it? (a.k.a. the LATCH anchoring system in the US) I guess you could still use the seat belt to hold the car seat in.

Another note: The TV licensing fee (or Licence fee) almost appears to be a cable bill, more or less, but considerably cheaper than US cable. Would this be an accurate comparison?

One more question: Do you pay annual taxes on everything you own, like a chair, table, etc.?

Sorry this became a big question/answer session.

At 6:51 AM, Blogger Mommy of Boys said...

Well, since I was given a "shout out" --

First of all, Opie, get a life!

Who cares about that stuff?

The real question is about Camilla and Charles! Will you, Mary and Helen be attending the nuptials?



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