Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hello 4th Gear

I made a potentially important discovery last night on my way home from the Men's Bible Study at our church. When I started the car, it shifted into neutral, which is not that surprising. It will sometimes do this, and then I usually find that I can shift into 1st. Last night, I was able to get into 1st. What typically follows is that, when I go from 1st to 2nd, it gets stuck in 2nd. But last night I accidentally shifted from 1st to 4th. It took a minute, but I worked up all the way to 45 mph (!!!), but then I had to stop at a red light. I was able to find 1st again, and things were looking good. But when I purposefully went to 2nd it got stuck again and stayed that way all the way home. I'm hopeful that, the next time it slips out of 2nd, I can go from 1st to 3rd to 4th. If I am able to skip 2nd and find all the others, then we can do more driving trips and less bus/train trips to our destinations.

It would be difficult to describe to you some of the things you see on British TV, but Mary and I have come to like two British programs (our favorite shows over here are American ones). Our favorite Britcoms are "Look Around You" and "World Shut Your Mouth".
"Look Around You" is a spoof of a 1979-like technology show whose plot is to predict how things will change in the future. For instance, the last show, on computers, predicted that by the year 1990 there might be as many as 10,000 computers in Britain. Though I hate to do it, I have to refer you to a "new, state-of-the-art" computer game they mentioned called "Diarrhea Dan" (you can play online).
"World Shut Your Mouth" is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. The entire show is snippets of the host and/or his friends do something completely ridiculous to see what onlookers (who are unaware of the fact that they are being filmed) do. Sadly, it hasn't come on lately and I'm afraid that it might have been cancelled.

And, yes, we got about 2 inches of snow this morning. That makes 8 out of the past 11 days it has snowed here. It is warmer now so much has melted, but I think its supposed to keep snowing all day and dip below freezing in the evening.


At 11:35 AM, Blogger Tim said...

Just a thought, isn't the speed limit in Brum 30MPH?

At 7:14 AM, Blogger Mommy of Boys said...

I tried "Diarrhea Dan," but I never got to use the potty -- not once!

Ugh -- life just isn't fair!


At 3:26 PM, Blogger Jon said...

World shut your mouth is quality. The guy who does it is called Dom Jolly, and his previous (channel 4) show was called trigger happy tv


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