Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Imagine my surprise

When I checked my most recent blog and already had 6 comments. Of course, they were from 2 people, but hey.... 6 is 6. Now, to address them:

BK is a turnip for forgetting White Sauce... that is enough.

Again, let the record show that I didn't claim that BK left out Nesmith's hamburgers altogether, just that he (quote) "didn't give it proper recognition". I emphasize proper. A sidenote at the end of #10 is not proper. I thought PhD students were supposed to read more carefully.

And could it be that I was the one that misinterpreted BK? Did someone else suggest he disliked Alabama? Was it Bobby B.? I must know if BK was only pulling my leg.

Props to Capes for the spellcheck. Now check out this map of American dialects... only somewhat accurate.


At 3:22 PM, Blogger Barclay said...

I am not (or ain't, as the case may be) pulling your leg, neither literally (although I dream about you sometimes) or figuratively.

The map, by the way, illustrates why Lawrence Countians have the option of using "y'all" or "you-ens."

At 2:32 PM, Blogger Jon said...

Found you!
please don't think I'm a stalker!
I noticed you said you blogged about the practice/practise thing today at tea break today and my ears pricked up. A couple of googles later and here I am!
I love blogging, although I have to be careful 'cos it's very addictive, and Su feels something of a blog widow!
Anyway, don't worry I won't blow your cover to the other students (without your permission).
I blog here - http://jontaylor.blogspot.com/
it would be great way to keep in touch if you're up for it.


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