Sunday, May 22, 2005

Back so soon

To make up for lost time, here I am blogging a few hours after my last post.

I forgot to mention the best "Star Wars" parody I've ever seen which can be viewed here.

I must add this disclaimer - I'm not much on the global advantages of organic farming. Here's an article that lays out some reasons, with the most important part being "Organic food costs more because average yields are 20-50% lower than those from conventional farms. Its inefficiency is highly relevant to the hungry and the poor... In the words of the Indian biologist CJ Prakash, its only contribution to sustainable agriculture will be 'to sustain poverty and malnutrition"' But, anyway, Grocery Store Wars is still hilarious.

Derek Sanderson is a madman!


At 11:41 AM, Blogger whatusay said...

It is actually CS Prakash and he is an internationally known scientist at Tuskegee. Its a small world after all.


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