Thursday, May 05, 2005

Greatest Hits #3

At BK's behest I gave Alabama Sacred Harp Singers a listen and I'm glad he was so insistent. I seem to recall hearing about this kind of Southern music years back, but today was my first experience. Sacred Harp singers are actually a capella singers singing four part harmony with "shaped" notes. Many in Churches of Christ grew up with the same, but probably never sang like this. The most interesting characteristic of Sacred Harp singers is the fact that, before they sing the first verse, they sing the notes -- "do" or "ra" or "mi" or "fa" - to get the tune engrained. It can be an awesome sound. Its the kind of thing that one can envision getting exposure in a movie and sparking world interest in the art (akin to the renewed interest in bluegrass after O Brother, Where Art Thou? in 1991). So I will be including The Last Words of Copernicus by the Alabama Sacred Harp Singers.

I also decided to include Seven Spanish Angels by Ray Charles and Willie Nelson to give Texas a little credit. Dixieland Delight by Alabama will also most likely make the cut. Keep the suggestions coming in! Remember to identify yourself if you choose to make an "anonymous" comment (even if that sounds completely contradictory).

I have also decided to include snippets of Jerry Clower's and Andy Griffifth's old standup routines for some more Southern flare. Maybe some Foxworthy, too!

My mom and dad arrive around 10am tomorrow morning. I'll be blogging about their exploits after they arrive.

Finally, I wasn't able to catch Jim B.'s prayer on C-Span today so Mary videotaped the broadcast for me. Below is a still shot of the Rev. You know he loved that!
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At 7:19 AM, Anonymous J Player said...

the sacred harp music was featured in the movie "Cold Mountain." it's probably on the soundtrack.


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