Saturday, May 07, 2005

This and that

I took mom, dad, Mary and Helen to Warwick Castle today. Since I'd already been, I went into town and took care of some old work... grading papers from last term that were overdue. I also discovered that I tend to be to gracious when I grade papers over here... but giving a 70 for an A just feels so wrong to me! FWIW, most universities use the following scale: A=70-100, B=60-69, C=59-50, etc. A 94 paper in America would be about a 77 here. No one gets over an 85 (regardless of the work or the school) and rarely are grades of 80+ given. But I was able to grade the 3 papers I had and take in some of the town before I "collected" my family at the castle.

I still plan to blog about the election in the near future.

I have the honor of preaching again here tomorrow morning. After the in-laws came all the way to hear me speak in March, now my parents are here for my sermon in May. Odd that.

I turned 31 today. Or so numerous people have told me. My parents have official documents reflecting that 31 is my actual age, but those things can be forged, you know.

I must include a pic from JT's blog. If he created this gif image himself I'm going to go back and change his grade.
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Michael, I hope that you are having a great time on your birthday and that you will have many more to enjoy. Mary Joyce

At 5:12 AM, Blogger Jon said...

Happy Birthday old man! you are now officially older than me (allegedly 31 in October).

Can't claim the animated gif for myself I'm afraid, I just lifted it from some other guy's blog.

Hope you had a great day and the preaching went well this morning.

Say hi to your folks for me.

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